Elevate Staff App: Configuring the card swiper port for Apple users

If your business uses Paragon (formerly Direct Connect) for merchant processing, your staff members can process payments in the Elevate Staff App using a credit card reader on their mobile device. WellnessLiving offers two types of card swipers:

  1. Credit Card Mobile Reader (Headphone Jack) by Magtek
  2. Credit Card Mobile Reader (Lightning Port) by Magtek

The two readers use different ports to connect to your mobile device. As such, you will need to configure Elevate to read from the correct port.

For other hardware that WellnessLiving supplies, see Purchasing Hardware from WellnessLiving.

To learn how to make a purchase as a staff member using the Elevate Staff App, see Elevate Staff App: Making a purchase.

NoteA credit card mobile reader that connects via the headphone jack may interfere with music players on the connected device. If you want to use a music player while your credit card mobile reader is connected to your device, we recommend using the iDynamo mobile swiper that connects via the lightning port. This mobile swiper is only compatible with Apple devices. For more information, see Purchasing hardware from WellnessLiving.

To configure the card swiper port:

  1. Open the Elevate Staff App and login.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the More tab.
  3. Under Profile, click Card Swiper.
  4. Tap Lightning port or Headphone Jack.
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