Elevate Staff App: Making a sale

You can purchase products, packages, purchase options, or gift cards on behalf of a client via the Elevate Staff App. Making a purchase for a client involves choosing a client, browsing available items, adding a discount, and using one or more payment methods.

To make a sale from the Elevate Staff App:

  1. Tap the Store tab.
  2. Under Location, select the location to which the sale should be assigned. This option is only available if the Staff members must select a location at checkout store setting is turned on. If this option is not available, the sale will be automatically assigned to your currently signed-in location.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Tap Search for a Client, type the client’s name, and then select the client.
    • Tap Add a New Client to create a new client profile, and then tap Save.
    • Tap Walk-In to make the sale without associating the purchase to a client profile.
  4. Select the category in which the item you are looking for is located.
  5. Search for and select the item you want to sell, then tap Add. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the item.
    • You can also tap the item for more information, then tap Add to Cart.
  6. Tap the Shopping Cart button to review the cart.
    • Under each item in the cart, the following fields are displayed:
      • QTY – The number of times this item was added to the cart. For example, if you add an item to the cart three times, this field will display 3.
      • Item Price – The price for a single unit of the item.
    • To edit the quantity of an item in the cart:
        1. Tap the Action button next to the item.
        2. Tap Edit.
        3. Tap Quantity and select a new quantity.
          • If you set the quantity for an item to number that is higher than the amount of inventory you have for that item, you must tap Yes in the confirmation popup to sell that quantity of items to the client.
          • If you’re purchasing an event for a client, changing the quantity changes the number of event instances into which the client will be booked.
        4. Tap Save.
    • To apply discounts for the purchase:
      • To apply a discount to an individual item, tap the Action button next to the item and select Discount.
        • Tap the Type of Discount field and select one of the following options:
          • % Discount – To apply a percentage discount to the item.
          • $ Discount – To apply a specific discount amount to the item.
        • Under Amount, enter the amount of the discount.
        • Tap Save.
      • To apply a discount to all the items in the shopping cart, tap Apply Discount.
        • To apply a discount code, select Discount Code, enter the discount code, and tap the Approve button .
        • To apply a percentage discount, select % Discount, enter an amount, and tap the Approve button .
        • To apply a dollar-value discount, select $ Discount, enter an amount, and tap the Approve button .
    • To remove an item from the cart:
      • Tap the Action button next to the item and select Delete.
        • If the quantity of this item in the cart is greater than one, all units of this item will be removed from the cart.
    • To assign a commission to a staff member for the purchase, tap Apply Staff Commission.
      • Select the staff member who will receive the commission from the list and tap Save.
      • If the staff member has multiple commission pay rates, tap Commission Rate then select the desired pay rate from the list and tap Save.
    • Under Add Receipt Notes, enter a custom note.
      • The custom note is limited to a maximum of 250 characters.
      • If you want the custom note to appear on your email receipts, you must enable the Sales Receipt email notification and add the [ReceiptNotes] email variable to the Sales Receipt email template.
    • If tips have been set up for the Elevate Staff App, add a tip.
      • Select one of the displayed tip options.
      • Next to Tips, enter a custom tip.
    • If a purchase option with a contract is in the cart, tap Sign Contract, then tap one of the following options:
      • Customer Declines – The client doesn’t want to sign the contract. Tap this button to remove the purchase option from the cart and proceed to checkout with the rest of the cart contents.
      • Skip Contract – The client will sign the contract later but wants to continue with the purchase. The client will be prompted to sign the contract the next time they log in to the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App.
      • Customer Will Sign – The client wants to continue with the purchase. To select this option, the client must first provide their signature under SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT AND/OR LEGAL GUARDIAN/PARENT OF PARTICIPANT UNDER 18 and tap OK.
  7. Tap Make a Payment.
  8. Tap Checkout.
  9. Select the payment method or methods.
    • If you enter information for a new payment method, such as a credit card, and want to save it to the client’s profile, set the Save payment method to client profile option to ON.
    • If you want to make the selected payment method the default payment method for the client, set the Set as default payment method option to ON.
    • Under Comment, enter any important notes or information about the selected payment method. Comments entered for the payment method can be viewed on the client’s Transactions page.
    • Tap Split payment to pay with multiple methods.
      • Select an additional payment method.
      • Under Payment amount, enter the value that will be paid with each payment method.
      • To remove an additional payment method, tap the Delete button .
    • If surcharges are enabled in your store settings and you want to change the surcharge amount, tap the Surcharges field and enter the desired surcharge amount. The amount you enter will only apply to this transaction. If the client is purchasing an item with auto-renewal or other auto-payments, future charges will include the original surcharge amount configured under store settings.
      • If you don’t want to charge a surcharge to this client for this transaction and any future auto-renewal or other auto-payments on items in this transaction, under the payment method, set the Include [x]$/% surcharge option to OFF.
  10. Tap Complete payment. The sale is complete.
  11. Tap Email receipt or No receipt depending on whether you want to email a receipt to the client for their purchase. For more information, see Emailing receipts.
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