Elevate Staff App: Reconciling unpaid visits

The Elevate Staff App allows staff members to reconcile a client’s unpaid visits.

If a client has an unpaid visit on their account, you can reconcile (i.e., pay for) the unpaid visit from the attendance list.

If you are reconciling an unpaid visit with a time-sensitive Purchase Option (e.g., a 3-month membership), the activation date of the Purchase Option automatically changes to the date of that unpaid visit. This change occurs if the Purchase Option was purchased and activated on a later date than the unpaid visit (e.g., reconciling an unpaid visit that occurred two months ago using a Purchase Option activated a week ago). This means that the Purchase Option may expire before the present date if your client buys a short-term Purchase Option to pay for an old unpaid visit (e.g., client buys a Purchase Option that expires in a week to pay for an unpaid visit two months ago).

NoteYou can only reconcile unpaid visits with Purchase Options applicable to the service.

To reconcile an unpaid visit from the Elevate Staff App:

  1. Tap the SCHEDULEtab. 
  2. Tap a session in the schedule. 
  3. Under the name of the client with an unpaid visit, tap the Edit button .
  4. Tap Go to Store 
  5. Next to an applicable Purchase Option, tap Add.
    • You can also use the filters to find other items and add them to the client’s shopping cart.  
  6. Tap the Shopping Cart button .
  7. To see the details of an item, swipe left and tap Edit.
    • To remove an item, tap Remove from Cart.
    • To keep an item, tap Save to keep it. 
  8. Apply any price adjustments (i.e., modify the price of the item directly) or discounts to the items in the shopping cart as required.
  9. If tips have been set up for the Elevate Staff App, select one of the displayed tip options.     
  10. Tap Make a Payment.
  11. Select the payment method or methods. 
  12. Tap Complete. The unpaid visit has now been reconciled using the newly purchased Purchase Option.       
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