Elevate Staff App: Reconciling unpaid visits

Staff members can use the Elevate Staff App to reconcile a client’s unpaid visits.

If you’re reconciling an unpaid visit with a time-sensitive purchase option, such as a three-month membership, the activation date of the purchase option automatically changes to the date of the unpaid visit. This change occurs if the purchase option was purchased and activated on a later date than the unpaid visit. For example, if you reconcile an unpaid visit that occurred in January using a purchase option activated in March, the activation date for the purchase option will be changed from March to January. To learn how to check the activation date of a client’s purchase option in the Elevate Staff App, see To view a client’s session passes, memberships, products and other purchases in Elevate Staff App: Managing client profiles.

This means that if a client buys a short-term purchase option to pay for an old unpaid visit, the purchase option may expire before its original expiration date. For example, if a client uses a purchase option that expires within a week to reconcile an unpaid visit that took place two months ago, the purchase option will expire before the week is over.

NoteYou can only reconcile unpaid visits with purchase options applicable to that specific service.

To reconcile an unpaid visit from the Elevate Staff App:

  1. Tap the SCHEDULE
  2. Tap a session on the schedule.
  3. Under the name of the client with an unpaid visit, tap the Edit button .
  4. Tap Go to Store.
  5. Next to an applicable purchase option, tap Add.
    • Tap Add next to any other item you want to add to the client’s shopping cart. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the item.
      • An item can only be added to the client’s shopping cart if you’ve enabled QUICK Buy for that item.
  6. Continue from step 7 in Elevate Staff App: Making a sale.
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