Elevate Staff App: Selling a gift card

After you create and activate a gift card, staff members can sell it to clients on the Elevate Staff App.

Gift cards sold on the Elevate Staff App can only be emailed to a recipient.

To sell a gift card:

  1. Tap the Store tab.
  2. Under Choose your location, select the location to which the sale should be assigned. This option is only available if the Staff members must select a location at checkout store setting is turned on. If this option isn’t available, the sale will be automatically assigned to your currently signed-in location.
  3. Under Select a client, select the client who you’re selling the gift card to in one of the following ways:
    • To select an existing client, tap Search for a client. In the search box, enter the client’s name, then select the client.
    • To create a new client, tap Add a new client, fill out the client information, then tap Save.
    • To make the sale anonymous and not have it associated to a client profile, tap Walk-In.
  4. Find the gift card you want to sell, then tap Add. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the gift card.
  5. On the Gift Card Details screen, specify the details for the gift card:
    1. If you’re selling a gift card with set monetary values, under Amount, select one of the available values for the gift card.
      • If the option to set a custom amount for the gift card is available, set the Enter a custom amount option to ON. Under Amount, enter the custom value of the gift card.
      • If the gift card doesn’t have any set monetary values, enter a custom amount.
    2. Under Send to, enter the name of the person receiving the gift card.
    3. Under Email, enter the email address of the person receiving the gift card.
    4. Under Send on, select a date for the gift card to be sent.
    5. Under From, enter the name of the person sending the gift card.
    6. Under Message, enter a custom message to the recipient.
    7. To assign the gift card a custom number, set the Assign a custom gift card number option to ON. Under Gift card number, enter the custom number.
  6. Tap Add to cart.
  7. In the top-right of the screen, tap the Shopping cart button .
  8. To complete the sale, proceed to step 6 in Elevate Staff App: Making a sale.
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