Elevate Staff App: Viewing the schedule

The Elevate Staff App allows staff members to view scheduled services (such as Classes, Appointments, Events, and BOOK-A-SPOTTM assets) from the schedule. The schedule has a variety of settings that change the way it looks, including whether it displays services by location, instructor, or specific service types. You can also apply filters and save them for future use.

You can change the schedule view to display services differently by changing the Schedule Mode and the View Mode. The Schedule Mode can display either a calendar or list view, while the View Mode can change the view by location, staff, or BOOK-A-SPOT asset.

You can also filter the schedule by location, service type, Appointments, Classes, Events, BOOK-A-SPOT assets, custom filters, or any combination of any of these options. To learn more about custom filters, see Elevate Staff App: Managing custom filters.

In this article:

    To view a different day on the schedule:

    1. Tap the Schedule tab.
    2. Select a date in one of the following ways:
      • Using the date selector:
        1. Tap the Calendar button .
        2. Select a date.
        3. Tap Set.
      • Using the date bar:
        1. Slide the date bar to find the date you want.
        2. When the date you want to select is displayed, tap the date.

    To change viewing mode:

    1. Tap the Schedule tab.
    2. Tap the Settings button  and select Customize.
    3. Under Customize Option, tap View Mode.
    4. Choose to view bookings on the schedule by location, staff, or asset.
    5. Tap Apply.

    To apply filters to the schedule:

    1. Tap the Schedule tab.
    2. Tap the Settings button  and select Filter.
    3. Under Filter Options, select your filters then tap Apply. Alternatively, under Saved Filter, tap a custom filter to apply. For more information on custom filters, see Managing custom filters below.
    4. Tap Apply.
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