Enabling Message Center

WellnessLiving’s Message Center allows clients to respond to your business’s automated SMS messages to confirm their appointments or wait-list promotions, helping you manage your client attendance. When your clients respond to your automated SMS message, the system will automatically confirm their booking and promote them to the attendance list for a session.

After enabling Message Center, you will be prompted to choose a number that will be used to send SMS messages to your clients. Your customers will be able to reply to your SMS messages to confirm or cancel their bookings. You must select one of the numbers suggested by the system. You cannot use a personal phone number for your Message Center.

Enabling Message Center will also reset your Appointment Reminder and Wait-List Promotion SMS templates to include instructions for responding to your SMS messages. Any customizations you have previously made to these templates will be removed. To modify these templates, see Customizing automated notifications.

Standard SMS service rates will apply whenever a client replies to your SMS messages. The amount charged will vary depending on the client’s cell phone carrier service.

Before enabling Message Center, make sure each client profile in your business has a unique cell phone number. For more information on how to change a client’s cell phone number, see Modifying a client’s profile details. You can also review your clients’ contact details in the All Clients Report.

For more information about Message Center features and pricing, see Email, SMS & Push Marketing.

To enable Message Center:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Messages.
  3. Select the plan you want to subscribe to and click GET STARTED.
  4. On the Message Center menu, click Settings.
  5. Set the Enable Number option to ON.
  6. Under AREA CODE, enter your 3-digit area code and click Generate.
    • If the area code you enter is not supported by WellnessLiving, you will receive the error message: The phone number is not available. If this occurs, please enter a different area code for a location near your business or contact WellnessLiving support for further assistance.
  7. Select a number from the list of available numbers. The number you select can be used to send and receive SMS messages to and from your clients.
  8. Click SAVE.
    •  To change the number, click the Change Number button . In the confirmation popup, click CHANGE NUMBER, and follow steps 6 – 8 again.
  9. Message Center is now enabled. Click the Messages tab to start a conversation with your clients.
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