Event general information settings

This article describes all the General Information settings available when you are creating or modifying an Event.

To learn about the advanced settings available when creating or modifying an Event, see Event advanced settings.

The name of the Event. Your clients can see the name you enter, so it should be both descriptive and brief. This field is required.
A list of Book Now Tabs, which allow you to sort your available services into categories on your WellnessLiving business page, making them easier for your clients to find. For more information, see Client Web App: Book now tabs.

If your business has multiple Book Now Tabs, select the tab under which this Event will be displayed. If you have not created or modified any Book Now Tabs, the default tab will be Enrollments. You can click the Add New Tab button to create a new Book Now Tab.
An option that allows you to activate or deactivate this Event. When this option is set to OFF, this Event is deactivated and cannot be booked.

You cannot deactivate an Event that has already been scheduled. In this case, you must remove all instances of the Event from the schedule before you can turn the Event OFF.
A description of the Event. Your clients can see the description, so it should be both descriptive and creative, but brief. This is not a required field, but it is highly recommended.
Add Special InstructionsAny special instructions your clients need to know about the service. For example, use this field to instruct your clients to bring gym ready shoes to a fitness Event.
CALENDAR COLORThe background color of the Event as it appears on your internal schedule. Use this to make it easier to distinguish your services from one another, or to simply liven up your schedule.
CapacityThe maximum number of people that can attend this Event. The maximum value for capacity is 2000.
PriceThe cost to attend the entire Event in dollars and cents. The default cost is $20.00.
Early Bird DiscountA special discount that can be set for clients that book early. If you select the Offer Early Bird Discount option, specify the following settings:

  • VALID UNTIL - Enter the date on which the early bird discount expires. Clients must purchase before the specified date to get the early bird discount.
  • EARLY BIRD PRICE - Enter the discounted price.

Purchase Rules

A setting that specifies how clients can pay for, book, and enroll in this Event.
For more information, see Purchase rules.
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