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The Event Widget is a widget that allows your clients to book events at your business directly through your website or Facebook page. You can configure the widget to display events for all your locations or only display events for a specific location. Clients can also use the widget to search by date for more details about your events.

Clients must be signed in to WellnessLiving to book events from the widget. New clients who sign up through the widget must create a client profile and agree to the necessary terms and conditions before they can book an event.

For information about placing a widget on your website or Facebook page, see Embedding a widget or widget button into your website and Embedding a widget on your Facebook page.

When using the Event Widget, keep in mind the following information:

  • If a client has disabled cookies in their browser, they won’t be able to book any services on the Event Widget. For more information, see FAQ: Why are my clients forced to leave my website when booking services using my widgets?
  • If your business has the Require clients to add a credit card to their profile to book services option set to ON in the store settings, new clients who don’t have their billing information saved to their client profile will be prompted to save their information before completing the booking. If they don’t save their information, the service can’t be booked.
  • Clients must be signed in to their account to use their Purchase Options when booking an event through the Event Widget.
  • If you have set up your event with a custom image in the event’s general information settings, that image will be displayed alongside your event in the Events Widget. Otherwise, a placeholder image will be displayed alongside an event in the Events Widget.

An example of a hot yoga event in the Event Widget.

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