Events are a self-contained series of sessions offered by your business. Events are scheduled and lead by staff members.

Throughout an Event, clients are expected to:

  • Attend every scheduled session in the event in chronological order.
  • Pay for the series of sessions in advance.

Clients have the option to pre-register before the start of an Event or enroll into an Event that is already in progress. Additionally, staff members can configure Event settings so that all Event sessions are automatically booked when a client purchases the Event or clients can determine which sessions they want to enroll into before purchasing the Event.

Much like Class and Appointment Types, Event instances are templates that define the structure of an Event. After an Event is created, an Event instance must be scheduled for clients to be able to sign up and attend. This allows Event to be used multiple times with multiple instructors and allows clients to potentially attend sessions from multiple instances of the same Event.

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