Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding FitLIVE. If your question isn’t addressed in this article, consider posting it on WellnessLiving’s Community Forum.

What is the difference between FitLIVE and Zoom integration?

Both FitLIVE and Zoom integration allow you to host virtual services directly through WellnessLiving. FitLIVE also shares similar features to a Zoom Business License in which you can host up to 300 participants in a single session. With FitLIVE, you can customize your virtual meetings and purchase FitLIVE licenses directly through WellnessLiving, which can’t be done if you are using Zoom integration. For more information, see FitLIVE settings and Purchasing a FitLIVE license.

If you are using Zoom integration, you can only configure your Zoom settings or purchase a Zoom license through the Zoom website. For more information on how to manage Zoom settings or purchase a Zoom license, see the Zoom Help Center.

How do I sign up for FitLIVE?

You can sign up for FitLIVE from the Licenses page. For more information, see Purchasing a FitLIVE license.

Can I subscribe to FitLIVE while subscribed to Zoom?

No. You can only have one subscription at a time. If you are currently subscribed to Zoom and would like to subscribe to FitLIVE, you will get a pop-up message to cancel your Zoom subscription before you are allowed to subscribe to FitLIVE. You can unsubscribe from FitLIVE at any time if you prefer to use Zoom integration or other non-integrated virtual service providers.

Is there a maximum number of FitLIVE licenses that a business can sign up for?

No. You can purchase as many licenses as you need. For more information, see Purchasing a FitLIVE license.

If I purchase additional FitLIVE licenses before the next billing date, how will I get charged?

If you purchase additional FitLIVE licenses before the next billing date, WellnessLiving will not charge you until your next billing date. However, the FitLIVE licenses you purchased are available immediately for use on the date of purchase.

For example, your FitLIVE subscription renews on the first of each month and you decided to purchase two additional licenses on October 15, 2021. This means that you will not get charged for the two additional licenses until the next billing date, which is on November 1, 2021. Therefore, on November 1, 2021, you will be billed for two additional licenses plus any existing licenses you already have.

Can I reduce the number of FitLIVE licenses I have?

You can’t reduce the number of FitLIVE licenses from the Licenses page. If you want to remove existing FitLIVE licenses, please contact WellnessLiving support.

Can I use Zoom licenses for FitLIVE services?

No. FitLIVE licenses are offered by WellnessLiving and can only be used for FitLIVE services. For more information on how to purchase a FitLIVE license, see Purchasing a FitLIVE license.

What do I do if my client misses a FitLIVE session?

You can configure your FitLIVE meeting settings to allow the host to record the meeting and have the system automatically upload your meeting recordings to FitVID on Demand. This way, even if a client misses a FitLIVE meeting, they will still be able to view the recordings later through FitVID on Demand.  For more information, see FitLIVE settings.

Where can I find the recorded FitLIVE meetings on FitVID on Demand?

All recorded FitLIVE meetings that get uploaded to FitVID on Demand will be automatically assigned to the Cloud Session Recordings video category created by WellnessLiving.

The host must start the recording manually by clicking the Record button. Once the meeting is over, the recorded meeting will be automatically uploaded to FitVID on Demand if the Automatically upload recordings through FitVID on Demand setting is enabled on the Settings page. For more information, see FitLIVE settings.

CautionIf you have already uploaded the maximum number of videos for your FitVID on Demand subscription plan, new FitLIVE recordings will not be uploaded. To record future FitLIVE sessions to FitVID on Demand, you will need to delete videos from FitVID on Demand or upgrade your subscription plan.

Who has access to the Cloud Session Recordings video category on FitVID on Demand?

Only clients with attended or pending statuses have access to the recorded meetings in the Cloud Session Recordings video category. Clients with no show, early cancel, or late cancel statuses have no access to the recorded meetings. Access to this video category cannot be modified.

Can recorded FitLIVE meetings that get uploaded to FitVID on Demand be assigned to multiple video categories?

Yes. Like any other videos uploaded to FitVID on Demand, each recorded FitLIVE meeting uploaded to FitVID on Demand can be assigned to multiple video categories or unassigned from specific video categories if needed. For more information, see Managing video categories.

How long does it take for a recorded session to be uploaded to FitVID on Demand?

The timeline can vary on a case-by-case basis depending on Zoom. Once the livestream session has ended, the recorded meeting will be processed before it gets uploaded to FitVID on Demand.

Will the quality of the recorded FitLIVE meeting be the same as the original livestream quality?

Yes. The recorded FitLIVE livestream meeting will retain its original quality and resolution even when it gets uploaded to FitVID on Demand.

Does FitLIVE offer static meeting links like Zoom?

No. A unique URL will be automatically generated for every scheduled virtual session.

Does FitLIVE allow you to change your background during a meeting?

Yes. FitLIVE still uses the Zoom platform to host virtual sessions, which gives you access to the same settings and controls like a regular Zoom meeting. You can apply a blurred background to maintain some privacy or a virtual background image. For more information, see Changing your Virtual Background image and Using blurred background in Zoom.

What is the cloud recording storage capacity?

Similar to Zoom, each FitLIVE user is entitled to 1GB of storage capacity. This means that each FitLIVE user can upload multiple recorded FitLIVE meetings to FitVID on Demand totalling 1GB. For more information, see Cloud recording storage capacity on Zoom.


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