FAQ: FitVID on Demand

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding FitVID on Demand. If your question isn’t addressed in this article, consider posting it on WellnessLiving’s Community Forum.

For more information, please see WellnessLiving’s Zoom and FitVID Webinar. To watch this webinar, you must provide your name and email address.

What is the maximum file size for a video?

Each video uploaded through FitVID on Demand can be a maximum size of 2GB.

Can my clients view videos in the Achieve Client App?

Your clients can view your FitVID on Demand videos on the Client Web App as well as the Achieve Client App.

Who owns the rights to the videos once we upload them to WellnessLiving?

All videos you upload to WellnessLiving are still your property, we simply store them for you.

Is there a way to give clients a free trial for virtual services and videos?

Yes, you can provide a client group with seven days of free access to videos. For more information, please see Giving a client group temporary access to a video.

However, there currently isn’t a way to give your clients seven days of free access to virtual services. If you’d like to see that specific functionality added to WellnessLiving, please make a suggestion through our Community Forum so that other businesses can vote on it.

Are clients able to download the videos?

 No, clients aren’t able to download the videos.

Can I select the thumbnail that is displayed for FitVID on Demand videos?

Yes, you can select a .jpg or .png file as the thumbnail for your video. The thumbnail you select will be displayed to your clients on the Watch Video tab of the Client Web App and the VIDEOS tab of the Achieve Client App. For more information, see Video general information settings.

I uploaded my video in the correct format. Why is my video blank?

FitVID uses your browser’s HTML5 video player to display content. If you’ve uploaded a video in a supported file format (.mov or .mp4) and are still experiencing issues such as blank video playback with only audio, we suggest double-checking the file encoding to ensure it’s compatible with HTML5 video playback. We recommend H.264 video encoding for best compatibility results across a variety of browsers and devices.

How many videos can I upload with each subscription plan?

The Basic plan allows you to upload up to 100 videos (up to 2GB per video) for each of your business locations. The Premium and Enterprise plans allow you to upload unlimited videos. For more information, see FitVID on Demand: Subscription plans.

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