FAQ: How can my clients use multiple gift cards when making a purchase?

Occasionally, a client may possess multiple gift cards and intend to use them on a single purchase. However, during checkout, the client may only use one gift card per transaction.

To work around this, the value of the gift cards must be added to the client’s account balance. A staff member can redeem each gift card on the client’s Billing & Account Balance page, or the client can redeem each gift card on the Billing tab of their My Profile page.

Once all the gift cards have been redeemed, the purchase can be made using the client’s account balance as the payment method during checkout.

To learn more about how a staff member can make a sale, see Making a sale.

To learn more about how a client can make a purchase, see Client Web App: Making a purchase or Achieve Client App: Making a purchase.

NoteIf the Account payment method is disabled, the client can’t use their account balance to complete a purchase. For more information, see Enabling or disabling payment methods.

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