FAQ: Message Center

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Message Center. If your question isn’t addressed in this article, consider posting it on WellnessLiving’s Community Forum.

What are the differences in subscription plans?

For more information on plans and pricing, see Message Center: Subscription plans.

What is the difference between 2-way SMS and conversational SMS?

2-way SMS allows you to send preset messages and responses to your clients. For example, if a client is promoted on a wait list, 2-way SMS can automatically send them a text that requests a preset response such as YES to confirm their Appointment. Based on the client’s response, the WellnessLiving system will update their status on the wait list.

Conversational SMS allows you to engage in end-to-end conversations with your clients. This way, you can provide them with all the information they need.

For more information, see Types of SMS messaging.

Can I try Message Center before purchasing additional messages?

All customers on the WellnessLiving Professional plan can begin using Message Center with their 500 monthly messages, at no additional upfront cost. A fee of $0.045 applies to every additional text sent or received over the monthly limit.

How many messages do I need and how do they work?

Each SMS message you send or receive via WellnessLiving counts as one message, including 1-way and 2-way SMS communication. For example, to send one SMS message to 500 clients twice a month, you would need 1,000 messages for that month. In contrast, each MMS message you send uses three messages from your monthly total, so you would need 6,000 messages for the same volume and frequency.

How are my monthly messages distributed if my business has multiple locations?

If you are currently subscribed to our Professional plan, you will have 500 messages per location associated to your business. These messages are pooled together and shared between all locations. For example, if your business has four locations you will have 2000 monthly messages to use between all your locations.

If you upgrade your subscription plan to include additional messages, the additional messages will be shared between all the locations associated to your business.

I need additional messages; can I upgrade my plan?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan at any time from the Subscription plans page of Message Center. If you upgrade mid-month, you will be billed according to your new plan at the start of your next billing cycle. For more information on plans and pricing, see Message Center: Subscription plans.

What is the character limit for SMS messages?

Each SMS message is limited to 160 characters and counts as one message. For more information, see SMS character limit.

Do I get charged for messages my clients send me?

All incoming SMS messages count as one message.

What happens if I don’t use all my messages in a given month?

Your allotted monthly messages do not roll over, so make sure you choose a plan that meets your monthly SMS volume. For more information, see Message Center: Subscription plans.

What phone number is used to send my SMS messages?

When you start using Message Center, you will be prompted to choose a local number that will be used to send SMS text messages to your clients. You must select one of the numbers suggested by the system and you cannot use your business’s phone number or any personal number for this purpose. In the near future, we will be adding the ability to use your business’s phone number through Message Center.

What regions are Message Center available in?

Message Center is currently only available to customers in the United States and Canada.

Can I use special characters in an SMS message?

We do not recommend using special characters because this can potentially affect the character count of your SMS message. For more information, see SMS character limit.

Can I include a URL in an SMS message?

Yes. If you include a URL in an SMS message, it will automatically get shortened to use fewer SMS characters. For more information, see SMS character limit.

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