FAQ: Why are some clients receiving multiple copies of my emails?

There are two scenarios that may cause your clients to receive multiple copies of your emails.

  1. If some of your clients are receiving multiple copies of an email when you contact a group of clients, it’s because the staff member who sent the email set the Send to each profile option to ON. When this option is set to ON, if more than one client profile is using the same email address, the system will send an email to that address for each client profile using it.
  2. If a client receives multiple copies of an email from an automated marketing campaign or automated notification, it’s because the client is sharing their email with another client with whom they’re related. When an automated email is triggered for a client who shares an email address with another client, duplicate emails will be sent to the client who owns the email address. For example, if a parent shares their email address with their child and books an event for the child, the parent will receive two Event Booking Confirmation

To view all client profiles that share the same email address, click the Search button The Search button on the Top Nav Bar. on the Top Nav Bar, enter the email address in the box, and press Enter.

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