FAQ: Why can’t I apply single session purchases to unpaid visits?

When you allow clients to purchase single sessions of appointments or classes, clients can pay for these services at your business using a drop-in rate. Each single session purchased by a client is only applicable to that specific client and service. For example, if a client purchased a single session of a 60-minute personal training appointment, they cannot use the single session to pay for a 30-minute private yoga appointment.

If a client buys multiple single sessions, the purchases will appear on the client’s Passes & Memberships page, but they cannot be used to pay for other services.

If a client has bought multiple single sessions  for individual services, we recommend refunding the purchases and selling the client a purchase option they can use to reconcile any unpaid visits.

If a client cancels an appointment that was booked through the purchase of a single session, you can reschedule the same type of appointment from the client’s Passes & Memberships page. For more information, see Rescheduling an appointment using a purchased single session.

If a client cancels a class that was booked through the purchase of a single session, the single session can be reused to pay for a future session of the same class.

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