FAQ: Why does the Batch Report not accurately reflect the deposits received?

There are several possible reasons Batch Report may not match the deposits received:

  • The Batch Report only displays transactions from your merchant processor (i.e., not cash or checks manually deposited into the bank account).
  • The Batch Report only displays transactions that took place within the merchant processor’s default batch period (from the beginning of the day until the processor’s default batch cut-off time). If you have set up a custom batch cut-off time with your merchant processor, it will not be reflected in the Batch Report.
  • The Batch Report allows you to view transactions in WellnessLiving, however it is the merchant processor, not WellnessLiving, that processes these transactions. The merchant processor may perform transactions and other activities that WellnessLiving cannot track. Such activities may include:
    • Splitting a payment into two transactions. For example, the processor may split a payment of $1000 into two deposits of $500 over two days.
    • Subtracting processing fees from the deposit amount.
    • Delaying the deposit date for a batch.

To perform an in-depth reconciliation between the transactions that have been processed and the deposits you have received, contact your merchant processor.

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