FAQ: Why does the Payroll Details Report display different amounts for tiered pay per client rates?

The Payroll Details Report displays tiered pay per client rates by adding up the total pay a staff member receives per client and then dividing that amount by the number of clients in the session they led.

For example, a staff member receives a tiered pay rate for leading an Appointment based on the number of clients that attend. They receive $30 for each client up to five clients, $20 for each additional client up to 10 clients, and $15 for each additional client up to 15 clients. 11 clients attend the Appointment, totaling $265. The total is then divided by 11 for the number of clients that attended. Due to rounding the amount per client will equal $24.09, with one amount offset to $24.10 to ensure the total amount for the service equals $265. The Payroll Details Report will list each client that attended the Appointment as a separate line item and display the calculated amounts under the Pay column.

For more information, see Pay rates.

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