FAQ: Why does “This page uses cookies. To continue, open widget in a new tab.” appear when viewing my widgets?

When you embed a widget on your website and view it on a web browser, the message: This page uses cookies. To continue, open widget in a new tab. will be displayed if cookies are disabled in your web browser.

Your clients can click the link in the message to display the widget in a new tab. If your clients want to view the embedded widgets normally on your website, they must enable cookies on their browsers. For more information, see Enabling cookies and Troubleshooting: Why do widgets open in new tab in Safari?

Schedule Widgets and Event Widgets behave differently than the other widgets. When cookies are disabled, clients can still view the embedded Schedule Widgets and Event Widgets on their web browser, but they can’t book services using them. For more information, see FAQ: Why are clients forced to leave my website when booking services using my widgets?

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