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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding WellnessLiving’s Zoom integration. For more information, please see WellnessLiving’s Zoom and FitVID Webinar. To watch this webinar, you must provide your name and email address.

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    QUESTION: Why isn’t my virtual Class listed under Upcoming Meetings on Zoom?

    Answer: The Zoom meeting is not actually created when you schedule your virtual class in WellnessLiving. The Zoom meeting is automatically created 15 minutes before the scheduled service.

    QUESTION: Can I use one meeting room to host an Appointment with multiple clients?

    Answer: You can use one meeting room to host an Appointment with multiple clients. When you book an Appointment for 2 or more clients, each client receives the same Zoom link which they can use to access the virtual session.

    QUESTION: How can I improve the video quality of my Zoom meetings?

    Answer: For great tips on how to improve your online sessions, please see our blog.

    QUESTION: Why does my client’s virtual service appear in their Attendance History?

    Answer: Services appear under a client’s Attendance History when the client’s visit status has been marked as Checked-in. Your clients may be automatically marked as checked-in when added to a Class due to the business policy set under Automatic Attendance Tracking. We recommend customizing your business policies for individual services so that your client’s visit status is Pending when they are first booked into a session.

    QUESTION: Will we be able to manage our meeting calendar and use WellnessLiving to record and download meetings?

    Answer: Your session is only created in Zoom once the host starts the meeting through WellnessLiving, up to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time. As a result, you will not be able to use your Zoom meeting calendar if you are integrated with WellnessLiving. However, you can record meetings through Zoom, save these recordings on your local computer, and use our new FitVID on Demand to manage these recordings. To learn more about these features, see Automatic Recording on Zoom.

    QUESTION: Can we manage Zoom Breakout Rooms through WellnessLiving?

    Answer: There are currently no plans to manage Zoom Breakout Rooms in WellnessLiving, but you can use any Zoom functionality once a Zoom meeting has started. If there is any specific Zoom functionality you want added to WellnessLiving’s Zoom integration, please make a suggestion through our Community Forum so other businesses can vote on it.

    QUESTION: Is there a way to turn off Zoom meeting confirmation emails?

    Answer: For more information on how to manage Zoom settings, such as email notifications, please refer to the Zoom Help Center.

    QUESTION: Will WellnessLiving’s Zoom integration allow clients to join a virtual session from outside of WellnessLiving?

    Answer: Our integration with Zoom is focused on maintaining accurate attendance, client payments and payroll. If clients are allowed to join meetings from outside WellnessLiving, your business may lose revenue and struggle to keep track of session attendance.

    QUESTION: Is it possible for clients to join a Zoom meeting late via WellnessLiving?

    Answer: Clients can join a Zoom meeting late through the Join Session button in the Client Web App, the Join button in the Achieve Client App, or by using the link included in the automated booking confirmation or reminder notification. For more information, see Achieve Client App: Attending a virtual service or Client Web App: Attending a virtual service.

    QUESTION: Can I connect multiple Zoom accounts to my business?

    Answer: Currently, you can only connect one Zoom account (with as many hosts as you want) to your business through WellnessLiving.

    QUESTION: Does a client have to create a Zoom account to join a session?

    Answer: Your clients are not required to create a Zoom account to join a session. If they choose to create an account after they click Join Session in their schedule, they will be brought to the meeting after they register for an account.

    QUESTION: Can a client register for a virtual session through an app that isn’t integrated with WellnessLiving?

    Answer: Clients can register for a virtual session through an app that isn’t integrated with WellnessLiving. However, the client will not receive a link to the WellnessLiving Zoom meeting. You would need to send the client a Zoom URL to join the online session. In this case, the client’s attendance and payment will not be tracked in WellnessLiving.

    However, we are currently working on an integration with Gympass. When a client books a session through an integrated partner, the client will still be required to create a WellnessLiving profile, sign your business waiver, etc. Then the client can join using your confirmation email link or through their upcoming schedule.

    QUESTION: Why does Zoom tell me my meeting will end in 30 minutes when I have a PRO account?

    Answer: This message is displayed when a staff member who is not a verified host starts a Zoom meeting. PRO Zoom accounts require you to verify specific hosts for your meetings. If a meeting is started by a staff member who is not a verified host, the staff member will encounter limitations, such as a reduced meeting duration.

    It is very important that only staff members who are verified hosts start Zoom meetings through WellnessLiving. For information on how to set a staff member as a verified host, please refer to the Zoom Help Center.

    QUESTION: Will the Zoom meeting for a session automatically end at the scheduled time set in WellnessLiving?

    Answer: The Zoom meeting for a session will not automatically end when you have passed the scheduled duration of the session. You can continue the Zoom meeting for your session for as long as you like.

    To end a Zoom meeting, the meeting host must click End and then click End meeting for All in the Zoom meeting menu.

    QUESTION: How can I schedule recurring virtual services and track attendance and payment?

    Answer: You can schedule your recurring virtual services in WellnessLiving the same way you normally do, by booking the client into a recurring service. Each session will only be created in Zoom once the host starts the meeting through WellnessLiving, up to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Each session of the service will have a unique meeting URL and clients will only be able to access it through WellnessLiving and service notifications.

    For more information on how to book a client into a recurring service, see Booking a Class or Booking an Appointment.

    QUESTION: How do I set an in-person capacity and a virtual capacity for my service?

    Answer: At this time, you would need to create two separate services, one for virtual sessions and one for in-person sessions, each with their own capacity.

    For example, if you want a Class to allow 10 in-person clients and 20 clients virtually, you must create a Class with a 10-person capacity and click This is an in-person service. Then you must create a Class with a 20-person capacity and click This is a virtual Zoom service.

    For more information on creating services, see Creating or modifying a Class TypeCreating or modifying an Appointment Type, or Creating or modifying an Event.

    QUESTION: Why was I able to connect my Zoom account without entering my credentials?

    Answer: If you connect your WellnessLiving account with your Zoom account using a device on which you are logged in to Zoom, your Zoom credentials will automatically be entered into WellnessLiving.

    QUESTION: How do I add a Zoom license for my staff members?

    Answer: To add a Zoom license for your business, you must upgrade your Zoom plan and purchase additional licenses. After you have purchased additional licenses, you can assign them to your staff members to host more meetings simultaneously. For example, if you currently have three licenses and then purchase two more licenses, your staff members will be able to host five virtual services at the same time.

    For more information on how to host multiple virtual services, see Hosting multiple Zoom virtual services.

    QUESTION: Why is my in-person Class showing up as a virtual service on the schedule?  

    Answer: The reason your in-person Class is being displayed as a virtual service on the schedule is because your Class was previously set up as virtual service. When you modified the Class Type settings to change it to an in-person service, there might have been issues with reverting all the scheduled sessions on the calendar. To resolve this issue, you can delete the sessions that were booked with This is a Virtual Zoom Service selected and reschedule them with This is an In-Person Service selected. To prevent this from occurring againwe recommend you create separate Classes for virtual and in-person sessions. For more information, see Class Type advanced settings.   

    QUESTION: Why am I not able to start a virtual session by clicking on the Join Session button in WellnessLiving?

    Answer: If a staff member modifies the meeting passcode settings in Zoom, it may disrupt the link embedded within the Join Session button in WellnessLiving, making it difficult to start the virtual session.

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