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Each staff member has a variety of settings that can be set or modified from their profile. Review the tables in this article for information about the settings available on each tab of a staff member’s profile page.

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First NameThe staff member’s first name.
Last NameThe staff member’s last name.
Job TitleThe staff member’s job title. For example:

  • Owner
  • Fitness specialist
  • Trainer
NoteThe job title is not the same as a staff role, and does not have any effect on the staff member’s Wellnessliving account permissions.
GenderThe staff member’s gender. Contact WellnessLiving to make a gender-neutral option available for your staff members and clients.
Home PhoneThe staff member’s home telephone number.
Cell Phone NumberThe staff member’s mobile phone number.
AddressThe staff member’s home address.
CityThe city in which the staff member lives.
ZIP / Postal CodeThe staff member’s ZIP or postal code.
Email AddressThe staff member’s email address.

NoteA confirmation box will appear if the email address entered is associated with an existing client or staff profile in the current business or another business. To associate the staff member’s profile with their existing profile, click YES, THIS IS THE CORRECT USER in the confirmation box.
For example, when creating a new staff profile for a staff member with an existing client profile in the business, this confirmation box will appear. When it’s confirmed it’s the correct user, it will associate their staff profile with their existing client profile.
Active Staff LoginWhen this option is set to ON, an account that the staff member can use to log in to WellnessLiving is created using the staff member’s email address.
RoleThe staff member’s staff role. This is a very important option as it defines the staff member’s permissions within WellnessLiving.
PasswordThe staff member’s password for their WellnessLiving account. This field only appears when you are editing an existing staff member’s profile. If your staff members have the appropriate permissions enabled, they can click RESET PASSWORD to send an email to the staff member to reset their password. For more information, see Resetting a password.
Public BiographyThe staff member’s biography. This information is displayed publicly wherever the staff member is listed.
Employment Start DateThe day on which the staff member started their employment with your business. The Currently Employed checkbox should be selected if the staff member is currently employed at your business, and cleared if they are not.
Publish on business pageIf this checkbox is selected, the staff member and their information is displayed publicly on your WellnessLiving Explorer listing.
ConnectionsThe staff member’s linked social media accounts from which they can synchronize their schedule. This field will only appear if the staff member has any linked social media accounts.
ADD CUSTOM FIELDCustom fields can be added to or removed from staff member profiles to record specific information. Custom fields cannot be viewed by staff members unless the staff role to which they are assigned has the Manage staff profiles option enabled. The following options are available for each custom field:

  • Field Name – The name of the custom field.
  • Field Type – Determines the type of information recorded for the custom field. Your choices are:
    • Checkbox – A checkbox that can be selected or cleared. The Default Value can be Not Checked or Checked.
    • Dropdown menu – A list of multiple options from which one can be selected. Enter the name of each option next to Menu item. Add more options by clicking the Add button.
    • Radio – A list of multiple options from which one option can be selected. Enter the name of each option next to Menu item. Add more options by clicking the Add button.
    • Text – A box where you can enter text. The Default Value can contain any text you choose. The number of Rows determines the size of the box.


Select the locations where the staff member worksA list of all the locations set up for your business. Locations where the staff member works are selected. For more information, see Setting a staff member’s locations.
Home locationThe location where the staff member works primarily. When logging in to WellnessLiving, the staff member will be automatically logged in to this location.


SERVICES PROVIDED BY [STAFF MEMBER]The types of services provided by the staff member. Your choices are Events, Classes, and Appointments.
If you select Appointments, you can determine the SPECIFIC APPOINTMENTS PROVIDED BY [STAFF MEMBER] by selecting the checkboxes next to the Appointments that the staff member should provide. If the staff member should provide all Appointments, select the Select All checkbox.
For more information, see Setting a staff member’s services.


Override notification privilegesWhen selected, this option allows you to modify the staff member’s individual notification settings. For more information, see Overriding a staff member’s notifications.

Pay Rates

Setting a staff member’s pay ratesPay rates allow you to use WellnessLiving to track how much the staff member earns when they sell items in the store, take part in offering a service, or are simply paid by the hour. For more information, see Setting a staff member’s pay rates.

Working Hours

Set a staff member’s working hoursThe staff member’s available or unavailable working hours can be set to determine when the staff member can be booked for services. For more information, see Setting a staff member’s working hours and Setting a staff member’s unavailable or vacation time.

NoteA staff member must be assigned to at least one location before you can set their working hours.
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