FitVID on Demand settings

You can change the settings for your FitVID on Demand videos on the Settings page. These settings will allow you to create tags, set difficulty levels, and track the views for your videos.

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    To modify FitVID on Demand Settings:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
    3. In the list, click FitVID. You can filter the list by entering FitVID into the Search field.
    4. On the FitVID menu, click Settings.
    5. On the Settings page, set up your FitVID on Demand video settings:
      • General – Enable view count, difficulty levels, and calorie display for your videos.
      • Levels – Create difficulty levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, that can be applied to your videos.
      • Tags – Create keywords that describe the content of your videos.
      • Customization – Rename the Watch Video button label for your FitVID on Demand videos. You can enter a maximum of 15 characters including spaces. Under Preview, you can see how the label will appear on the Video on Demand tab in the Client Web App.
    6. Click SAVE.

    FitVID on Demand Settings options:

    General settings

    Show number of views on videosEnable this option to track the number of views on your video. This number is displayed under each video on the Client Web App and Achieve Client App.
    Show caloriesEnable this option to enter the calories burned for each video.
    Show levelsEnable this option to set a difficulty level for each video.

    Levels settings

    LEVEL NAMEYou can create difficulty levels for your videos.

    To create a level, click Add Level and enter a name for the level, such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

    To delete an existing level, click the Delete button   next to the level.

    To reorder existing levels, click and drag the Order button next to a level, then drop the level where you want to place it.

    Tags settings

    TAG NAMEYou can create multiple tags for your videos based on their content and video categories.

    To create a tag, click Add Tag. Enter a name for the tag in the field provided, then click on the screen outside of the field. The tag will be automatically saved.

    To delete an existing tag, click the Delete button next to the tag.

    Customization settings

    Button LabelYou can rename the Watch Video button label. Click on the BUTTON LABEL box and rename the button however you like. By default, the button will be labeled as Watch Video. You can enter a maximum of 15 characters including spaces.
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