FitVID on Demand

FitVID on Demand allows you to upload and store videos in WellnessLiving. Once you upload a video, you can place it in a video category, which will permit specific client types and client groups to access your videos.

You can also create a FitVID Videos membership that allows clients to access your entire video library or only specific video categories for a set amount of time. For more information, see Creating or modifying a membership.

Clients can watch your videos through the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App. For more information, see Client Web App: Watching a video and Achieve Client App: Watching FitVID on Demand videos.

Your videos can be promotional or instructional content offered by your business and led by your instructors, such as:

  • Welcome Greetings
  • Beginner Yoga Instructions
  • Morning Meditation

NoteYou can store up to 100GB of videos with FitVID on Demand. Videos can be uploaded as MOV or MP4 files, and they can each be a maximum size of 2GB.

NoteYou cannot upload videos with FitVID on Demand through the Elevate Staff App.

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