Franchise Cloud

The Franchise Cloud is a comprehensive suite of features developed to help you effectively manage your enterprise. As a Franchise Cloud user, you gain access to rich cross-location data and powerful performance insights. With global configuration tools, you can ensure consistent operations and branding across franchise locations. The Franchise Cloud also simplifies the setup and management of new locations so you can continue to grow your business. The Franchise Cloud and its features are only available to franchise businesses.

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Franchise locations

The Franchise Cloud allows you to define each franchise location as a separate business within your franchise. New locations can be added to your franchise by WellnessLiving upon request. As a franchisor, you’ll have the ability to sign in to any franchise location. This allows you to clearly track performance at each location while still maintaining the ability to oversee and manage every franchise location.

For more information, see Requesting access to franchise locations (franchisor) and Granting a franchisor access to franchise locations.

Franchise regions

Franchise regions can be created to organize franchise locations. These regions can be customized for your business needs and do not necessarily have to reflect geographical regions. After franchise regions are created, you can assign an administrative staff member to manage each region as a region administrator.

For more information, see Creating or modifying a franchise region.

Franchise settings

Maintaining central control of the services and prices at your franchise locations is an important part of managing a franchise. The franchise settings feature allows you to define your business settings in the franchisor location and then “push” these settings to all franchise locations. This feature makes it easy to ensure your franchise locations offer a consistent experience to your clients.

For more information, see Franchise setting options and Pushing a setting to franchise locations.

Enterprise reports

Enterprise reports allow you to track and compare metrics across your franchise locations. Tracking performance across your franchise locations allows you to better understand your business and improve service to your clients.

For more information, see Enterprise reports.

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