General migration

This guide outlines the information you need to gather and provide to us before you can start talking with your Data Migration Specialist. If you have all this information clearly defined and ready to go, your on-boarding to WellnessLiving is sure to go smoothly! It will allow you make an easy transition, moving your business over, so that you can focus on learning the WellnessLiving system.

Note If you are currently using a MindBody system, please go to MindBody migration.

After you have completed this process, you can follow the next Account verification steps.

Client data

If you have any existing client data, we will need the information in CSV or XLS format. You can export this data from your current service provider, personal databases, or spreadsheets. Please try to ensure this data is up-to-date and has all the required fields completed correctly.

Your client data should include:

  • Your clients’ first name, last name, email address, telephone number, street address, city, state or province, and ZIP or postal code.
  • If you are using key tags, include the member ID.

Business data

If you have any information regarding your business, such as staff and services information, you will need to provide this data in our spreadsheets.

Your business data can contain:

  • Staff
    • Staff names, personal bios, and any other information that you would like to keep on the system or share with your clients.
    • Staff roles within the business (e.g., Instructor, Front Desk, Location Manager) and their working hours.
    • If you are tracking payroll, your staff pay rates.
  • Services
    • Classes, events, and workshops that you offer.
      • What is the schedule?
      • What are your walk-in rates?
      • Do all classes have the same single visit value?
      • Do you have free classes?
      • Are there any prerequisites to classes you offer?
      • Are clients allowed to book online without paying beforehand?
    • Appointments that you offer.
      • What are your appointment rates?
      • Do appointments require confirmation from staff before booking is finalized?
      • Do clients need to pay or leave a deposit before making a reservation?
      • Which staff members perform which appointments?
  • Purchase options
    • Class or appointment passes (e.g., 10-class pass)
      • Are any of the passes introductory offers that are available to new clients only?
      • Do you sell class passes that are valid only for select classes?
      • Do you want to assign class passes to a revenue category for easy reporting?
    • Time-based passes (e.g., day, week, and monthly pass)
      • Are any of the passes valid only for select classes?
      • Are there any visit restrictions (e.g., 2 visits per week)?
      • Do you want to assign time-based passes to a revenue category for easy reporting?
    • Memberships
      • What is the membership duration?
      • Do memberships give clients access to all classes or just selected classes?
      • When should auto-payments take place?
      • Do your clients need to sign a contract? Prepare the contract for input into WellnessLiving.
Note Any deactivated services with a deactivated attendance history will not be imported. In addition, any classes or events that do not have a schedule will also not be imported.
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