Gift cards

Gift cards are a type of non-taxable voucher that can be sold in your store, through the Client Web App, or through the Achieve Client App. After a gift card is sold, it cannot be refunded.

The types of gift cards you can offer are as follows:

  • Gift cards with set dollar values — You can create and sell gift cards with prepaid dollar amounts (e.g., $10, $25, $50). You can also create custom dollar amounts at checkout.
  • Gift cards with set services and products — You can create and sell a variety of gift cards with a combination of predefined services and products. For example, you can create a Personal Day gift card that includes a 30-minute facial, a 30-minute massage, and a smoothie.
  • QUICK gift cards — You can create a gift card with any combination of Purchase Options and products available in the store.

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