Groupon deal general information settings

This article describes the general information settings available when you’re creating or modifying a Groupon deal.

To learn about the advanced settings available when creating or modifying a Groupon deal, see Groupon deal advanced settings.

DAILY DEAL NAMEThe name of the Groupon deal. This will be visible to clients in the online store, so it should be short and descriptive.
UPLOAD IMAGEClick to upload an image that will represent the Groupon deal in the store and on client profiles after purchasing.
DAILY DEAL DESCRIPTIONA description of the Groupon deal. This will be visible to clients in the online store. You should include information about the services and the number of visits included with the Groupon deal.
ACTIVATE ITEMClick this button to activate or deactivate the Groupon deal.
The activation status for the Groupon deal:

  • When set to ON, the Groupon deal is activated and can be purchased.
  • When set to OFF, the Groupon deal is deactivated and cannot be purchased. By default, deactivated Groupon deals can still be used by clients who previously purchased them. To make a Groupon deal unusable by all clients, set the USABLE BY CLIENTS WHO ALREADY PURCHASED option to NO.
REGULAR PRICEEnter the cost that clients would pay for the included purchase options when not offered as a deal.
DAILY DEAL PRICEEnter the price that clients will pay for the Groupon deal.
GENERATED REVENUEEnter the revenue provided to your business when the Groupon deal is purchased.
SELECT WHICH ITEMS TO INCLUDE IN THIS GROUPON INTEGRATIONConfigure the purchase options that will be a part of the Groupon deal. If you want to create a custom purchase option to use for the Groupon deal, you must do so before you can add them to the Groupon deal. For more information about purchase options and instructions on how to create one, see Purchase Options.
Select Activation DateDetermines when the Groupon deal will be activated. Your choices are:

  • First Visit – The Groupon deal will activate on the date of the first session attended by the session holder. This is the default setting.
  • Sale Date – The Groupon deal will activate on the date the package is purchased by the client.
  • Choose a date – The Groupon deal will activate on the chosen date.
Select ExpirationDetermines how and when the Groupon deal expires. Your choices are:

  • Does not expire – The Groupon deal does not expire. This is the default setting.
  • Expires x day/week/month/year After sale – The Groupon deal will expire after the specified amount of time from when it is purchased.
  • Choose expiry date – The Groupon deal will expire on the chosen date.

To ensure that your accounting is always correct, the expiration date of the Groupon deal can’t be edited as soon as it has been purchased. If you want to change the expiration rules, you must create a new Groupon deal.

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