Groupon integration

Groupon integration allows you to gain exposure to a wide client base by offering discounted rates for your services. Deals that are offered via Groupon can be integrated with your WellnessLiving account, which eliminates the need for manual overhead when onboarding these deals.

To run a Groupon deal campaign, you must create a deal on Groupon. For example, you could create a Groupon deal that offers a client five visits for $20. Next, you must create a purchase option on WellnessLiving to which your Groupon deal can be applied. Then, you can generate redemption codes on Groupon and upload them to WellnessLiving, or vice versa. When the deal is activated, clients can sign up and buy the deal on Groupon to receive one of the codes. Clients also have the option to redeem the Groupon deal from their Groupon or WellnessLiving account. Once a Groupon deal is redeemed, you will automatically receive payment from Groupon corresponding to that transaction.

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