Groupon integration

Groupon integration allows you to gain exposure to a wider client base by offering discounted rates for your services. Clients who may not have otherwise discovered your business could be inspired to try your services after learning about them through Groupon. Deals that are offered by Groupon can be integrated directly with your WellnessLiving account.

To create a Groupon discount for Purchase Options in WellnessLiving, you must:

  1. Create a deal on Groupon. For example, you could create a deal that offers clients five visits for $20.
  2. Set up the Purchase Option(s) in WellnessLiving that you want to link to the Groupon deal.
  3. Create a new Groupon deal in WellnessLiving.
  4. Generate redemption codes in Groupon and upload them to WellnessLiving, or vice versa.

When the deal is activated, clients can sign up and buy the deal on Groupon to receive a redemption code.

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