Gym visits

Gym visits are a type of session that can be configured into a Purchase Option that contains a set number of facility visits. They can be set to have a fixed number of visits, such as a session pass with 12 visits, or an unlimited number of visits, such as a monthly membership with unlimited visits. Gym visit Purchase Options have the same rules as appointment and class Purchase Options. You can follow all the same instructions for creating, modifying, or deleting Purchase Options.

When gym visits are enabled, staff members can view a client’s profile and manually adjust the number of gym visits remaining for a Purchase Option. Gym visits can also be used in conjunction with the Visits Remaining Report. By providing an overview of each client’s remaining visits for Purchase Options, the Visits Remaining Report can help business owners proactively manage their marketing email campaigns to support client retention efforts.

Some examples of gym visit Purchase Options are:

  • A 10-visit session pass
  • A 1-year gym membership (paid bi-weekly)
  • A 1-month yoga studio session pass

NoteClients are only able to check in to a gym visit once every 15 minutes.

NoteGym visits can’t be marked unpaid in a client’s attendance history. If you need to mark a gym visit as unpaid, contact WellnessLiving Support.

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