Your browser cache

Your browser’s cache temporarily stores website information locally on your computer to make your browsing experience faster. When you clear your browser’s cache, you will be signed out of all websites, and temporarily saved data, such as saved passwords, browsing history, and auto-fill fields, will be deleted. When you have a computer that is used by more than one person, clearing your cache can help to ensure privacy for all users. Clearing your cache is also useful if you are having any difficulty loading WellnessLiving pages as expected.

While WellnessLiving is constantly working to improve how often our servers automatically clear cache to prevent cache-related issues from occurring, clearing your browser’s cache can help resolve any difficulty loading WellnessLiving pages.

Customers experiencing cache-related issues should record a video of the issue, including their attempt to resolve the issue by clearing their cache, and send the video to WellnessLiving Support so we can review the issue.

To learn how to clear your cache, check your browser’s support website. If you are using Google Chrome, see Google Chrome Help. If you are using Internet Explorer, see Microsoft Support. If you are using Firefox, see Mozilla Support. If you are using Safari, see Safari Support.

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