Items on the custom widget design page

This article describes all the items that can be configured on the Design page when designing a Custom Schedule or Lead Capture Widget.

Live PreviewDisplays a real-time preview of the custom widget, including any unsaved changes. Click any element in this preview to begin editing its design options.
Live Element PreviewDisplays a real-time preview of the widget element you selected for editing.

The following design options are displayed below the Live Element Preview. Not all design options are available for all elements.
FontChanges the font style used in the element. You can change the font type, size, color, and style (bold, italic, or capitalized).
BackgroundChanges the background color of the element.
GradientAdds a gradient to the color of the element.
BorderChanges the border color around the element.
Link ColorsChanges the color of any hyperlinks in the element.
TextChanges the content of the text in the element.
PaddingAdjusts the spacing between elements.
WidthAdjusts the width of the element.
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