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Late cancel is is an attendance status that can be applied to client visits to indicate that they canceled a service too close to the start time. In WellnessLiving, the late cancel status carries some built-in functionality to make sure you’re compensated fairly when your customer cancels a service too late for you to fill their spot.

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    Marking a client as a late cancel

    A client will automatically be marked as a late cancel if they cancel a booked service (on the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App) outside of the early cancellation window for that service. By default, the early cancellation window for all services closes 24 hours before the service start time.

    Charging a client for late cancellation

    When a client is marked as a late cancel, they’ll have to pay the session fee as if they attended the session.

    • If a client paid for the service in advance, their payment won’t be refunded to them.
    • If a client paid with a session pass or another Purchase Option with a set number of visits, the visit they used to pay for the session won’t be returned to them.
    • If a client has not yet paid for the service, you’ll need to charge their account manually by debiting their account balance for the cost of the session.

    Customizing late cancellation settings

    Staff members who have the appropriate staff role permissions can customize late cancellation settings:

    Late cancellation tips

    When marking a client as late cancel, keep the following information in mind:

    • If you cancel a service for a client after the early cancellation window has closed, you can mark the client as Early Cancel. For more information, see Changing a client’s attendance status.
    • If a client booked a service through ClassPass and a staff member cancels the service after the early cancellation window has closed, the client may be charged a late cancellation fee. If the cancellation policies in ClassPass don’t match your business policy settings in WellnessLiving, the settings in ClassPass will be applied. For more information, see Troubleshooting: Late cancel policies incorrectly applied to customers canceling though ClassPass.
    • If you cancel a service after a client has late canceled their booking for the service, the client’s cancellation will automatically be changed to an early cancellation. Purchase Option visits used to pay for the service will be returned to the client, but late cancellation fees charged based on your business policies won’t be automatically refunded. To refund these fees, you must manually issue the refund to the client.
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