Lead Capture Widget

The Lead Capture Widget is a type of widget that allows you to collect information from prospective clients on your business’s website. Any prospective client who enters their personal information on the widget will have a client profile automatically created for them with your business. The custom widget skin can also be modified to collect specific information from a client when a staff member creates a new lead. Free Purchase Options can also be offered to new clients as an incentive when they sign up using the Lead Capture Widget.

When adding Lead Capture Widgets to your website, keep the following information in mind:

  • Any client who signs up through the Lead Capture Widget will receive a welcome email with their sign in credentials.
  • If you choose to offer a free Purchase Option to clients who use the Lead Capture Widget, the free Purchase Option will be displayed in the Activity page of their client profile along with the name of the Lead Capture Widget.
  • Any design changes made to Lead Capture Widget skins won’t be displayed on Presence websites because the widget adheres to the customized website design. However, structural changes to Lead Capture Widget skins will be displayed.

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