Look and Feel: Staff Back Office

Listed below are the possible customizations that may be made from your Look and Feel: Staff Back Office screen.
For more information, see Customizing the Look and Feel of WellnessLiving.

To learn how to arrange the order in which staff members are displayed on the schedule, see Organizing the order in which staff members are displayed.

LogoAllows you to change your company logo. This logo appears at the top of your WellnessLiving interface in Staff View. The logo is also used to populate the [Logo] email variable and the image of your Locations if there is no location image already uploaded.

NoteWe recommend that you use a PNG image with a transparent background. The minimum resolution for this image is 220×100 and the maximum file size is 20 MB. To upload your logo, see Setting your company’s logo.
Nav Bar ColorsDetermines the color combination on your Top Nav Bar and the text color on your side menu. Any hex color code can be chosen. The colors for each of your Top Nav Bar BackgroundTop Nav Bar IconTop Nav Bar Text, and Left Panel Text can be modified.
Nav Bar Icon SizeDetermines the size of the icons displayed on your Top Nav Bar. Your choices are: RegularLarge, or Extra Large.
Nav Bar Button LabelsDetermines whether or not your Top Nav Bar icons are labelled and where those labels appear. Your choices are: No LabelLabel on the right, or Label below.
Left Panel Style on ScheduleDetermines the theme of the sidebar shown on your schedule. Your choices are Dark or Light.
Advanced Filter Style on ReportsDetermines the theme of the filter menu shown on your reports. Your choices are Dark or Light.
Power Search StyleDetermines the theme of the Power Search panel shown on your reports. Your choices are Dark or Light.
Auto-focus on Client Search Field AfterDetermines the amount of inactive time in seconds or minutes that will pass before the screen automatically selects the search in your Top Nav Bar.
Daily Dashboard TrackerDetermines which services are displayed on your staff dashboard:

  • If the View Upcoming Only option is set to OFF, all services for the selected day are shown in the daily tracker.
  • If the View Upcoming Only option is set to ON, only upcoming services for that day are displayed in the daily tracker by default. The list must be manually expanded to view all the services for that day.
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