When booking a service, clients can pay a drop-in rate or use a Purchase Option. A membership is a type of Purchase Option in WellnessLiving.

Memberships allow your clients to access your services for a set length of time with a set payment schedule. A membership may have one of the following service types assigned: Appointments, Class/Events, Assets, Gym Visits (if your Business Type is set to Gym), or Account Tab. Account Tab memberships add monetary value to a client’s account balance based on the predetermined amount per membership period. For example, a membership with a $20 auto-payment every month will add $20 to the client’s account balance each month.

Memberships will expire when the specified duration is reached (e.g., 12 months), but can be set to renew automatically, or converted into a different membership.

NoteMemberships that are part of packages can be active before the package start date. This can occur if the membership start date precedes the package start date.

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