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WellnessLiving’s Message Center allows your clients and staff members to engage in end-to-end conversations using SMS text messages. You will be allotted a specific number of messages to use depending on your Message Center subscription plan. Each outbound message sent to a client from your business counts as one message. Likewise, each message that a client sends to your business also counts as one message.

Before enabling Message Center, make sure each client profile in your business has a unique cell phone number. You can review your clients’ contact details in the All Clients Report and if necessary, change a client’s cell phone number by modifying a client’s profile details.

After enabling Message Center, you will also be prompted to choose a local number that will be used to send and receive SMS messages with your clients. You must select one of the numbers suggested by the system. You cannot use your business’s phone number or any personal number for this purpose. If you previously set up a number for 2-way SMS, you do not have to set up a new number for Message Center.

When using Message Center, keep the following information in mind:

  • Message Center is currently only available to businesses in the United States and Canada.
  • If you change the phone number for your SMS messages, any responses to a message sent using the original phone number will not be sent to your business.
  • You can customize your Top Nav Bar to include the Message button, which will display the number of any unread messages from your clients.

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