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During your scheduled kick-off call, our Onboarding team will explain the datasets that are migrated from Mindbody into WellnessLiving, including any limitations. After you have completed the data migration and onboarding process, you can follow the account verification steps to complete the setup of your account.

NoteIf you are currently using a system other than MindBody, see General migration.

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    Question: What data gets migrated from MindBody?



    • Contact information – Names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
    • Account balances – Any outstanding fees or positive balances
    • Payment data – Migration of credit cards/EFT payment details provided by you
    • Client relationships – Grouping of clients listed as family or friends in your current system
    • Communication settings – Subscription notification preferences, see limitations below


    • Products – Product names, suppliers, manufacturers, and different product options
    • Inventory levels – Current stock, reorder levels


    • Appointments – Appointment categories, settings, and all past and upcoming appointment history
    • Classes – Class categories, settings, and schedule as of the import date
    • Upcoming Class attendance lists – Service reservations of future Classes
    • Events (Enrollments) – Event categories, settings, and schedule as of the import date

    NoteTo avoid discrepancies in the Attendance History, we can import inactive Classes and Appointments and mark them as “inactive”.

    Pricing options (Purchase Options)

    • Historical and future pricing options, expiration details
    • Pricing options sales history – Full sales report transfer
    • Visits remaining – Remaining visits on session passes for your clients. For more information, see FAQ: Why don’t my session passes display the correct number of total sessions?
    • Historical autopay details – History of paid auto-payments/memberships/contracts
    • Upcoming autopay details – Upcoming membership/contract autopayments
    • Active membership details – Active client memberships including remaining payments, payment amounts, and access to services
    • Inactive membership details – Inactive membership history for clients
    • Gift cards
    • Discount codes


    • General information – Contact details, emails, and phone numbers
    • Profile photos – All existing staff profile photos in your current system
    • Staff roles (staff permissions) – Custom staff access/restriction settings
    • Staff schedule for all services – Class schedule and Appointment availability
    • Staff Class pay rates
    • Staff Enrollment pay rates

    NoteStaff member login credentials are not migrated over as this is encrypted information. Login usernames will default to the staff member’s email address; staff must reset their passwords.

    NoteTo avoid discrepancies in the Attendance History, we can import inactive staff and mark them as “inactive”.

    Question: Are there any data migration limitations?


    There is certain information that cannot be obtained from MindBody reports that must be specifically requested from MindBody. We are able to import this data, but only after it has been provided to you by MindBody (MindBody fees may apply).

    The following items must be specifically requested from MindBody in order to import them:

    • Client profile notes
    • Stored Credit Cards
    • Stored ACH
    • Documents on client profiles (including waiver agreements and stored contracts)
    • Client images
    • Emergency contact information
    • Staff alerts
    • Contact Logs
    • SOAP / Formula Notes
    • Class wait lists for Classes that took place the previous week, are taking place the current week, or are taking place the next week.

    For a comprehensive list of what MindBody provides for a fee, click here.

    The following items are not part of our standard data migration service and require additional custom work:

    NoteIf you want us to perform custom data migration work to address these limitations or perform additional data imports, we will provide you with a quotation for the number of hours required. Our rate for custom data migration work is $75/hour.

    • Purchase Option association to visit history
    • Resource (bookable asset) schedule
    • Class, Appointment, and Enrollment types that are not scheduled in MindBody
    • Class wait lists for Classes that took place before the previous week or for Classes that will be taking place after the next week.
    • Birth dates for clients who have not attended any services
    • Membership freeze/hold history
    • Active membership freezes (will become a membership hold)
    • Client account balance history (we import their balance, but not how the balance got there)
    • Contact logs
    • Client auto-payments with no associated contract
    • Contract/waiver agreements/signatures
    • Enrollment pricing if there is no pricing option assigned in MindBody
    • Email templates/settings
    • Custom payment methods
    • Product images/descriptions
    • Task history
    • Staff Appointment pay rates
    • Staff permissions
    • Payroll history

    NoteImages for services (i.e., classes, appointments, events/enrollments) must meet a minimum size requirement of 200 x 168px. If not met, the image and the associated service description will not be imported.

    NoteEvent pricing needs to be configured by a business owner after data migration is complete.

    NoteIf pricing options were renamed, you must provide the corresponding purchase option name in your new WellnessLiving system; otherwise, the purchased item will be displayed as a text comment under transaction history and will not be active.

    NoteIf you have clients to whom you sold a purchase option at a discount, only the discounted price will be shown. In the case of a membership, it will also auto-renew at the discounted price.

    The following items will change after it is imported:

    • Inactive client registration date – On the client profile Overview page, an inactive client’s CLIENT SINCE date will show the date of the final data import.
    • Communication settings – If one or more notification settings for a client were disabled previously, all notifications settings will be disabled. To change these settings, see Changing a client’s notification settings.

    Question: How can I migrate credit card payment information?


    There are two options available for moving credit card payment information into WellnessLiving:

    1. Pay MindBody to export the credit card payment information.
    2. Add client payment details manually into WellnessLiving yourself.
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