Modifiable client profile details

You can change a client’s profile details at any time. Below is a list of the details that can be modified on a client’s profile, each with a detailed explanation about what this change will affect. For more information about client profiles, see Client Profile. For information about the default fields that appear on the client profile, see Default client profile fields.

Field NameDescription
FIRST NAMEThe client’s first name. Changing the information in this box will change the client’s first name throughout WellnessLiving, including on reports and attendance lists.
LAST NAMEThe client’s last name. Changing the information in this box will change the client’s last name throughout the system, including on reports and attendance lists.
UPLOAD IMAGEThe client’s profile picture.
EMAIL ADDRESSThe client’s email address. This email address is used by the client to sign in to client areas of the system. All client email notifications will be directed to this email address. Client profiles with duplicate email addresses can be created if there is no login account associated with the email address.
Disable login accountIf you click this, the client can no longer sign in. This option then turns into a Create Log In Account checkbox. Select this checkbox to allow the client to sign in again.
PASSWORDThe client’s password for their WellnessLiving account. This field only appears when you are editing an existing client’s profile. If your staff members have the appropriate permissions enabled, they can click RESET PASSWORD to send an email to the client to reset their password. For more information, see Resetting a password.
CELL PHONEThe cell phone number at which the client can be contacted. SMS client notifications will be sent to this number.
HOME PHONEThe home phone number at which the client can be contacted.
WORK PHONEThe work phone number at which the client can be contacted.
DATE OF BIRTHThe client’s birthday. Any promotions, notifications, or reports that reference the client’s birthday will reference this entry.
GENDERThe client’s gender. Contact WellnessLiving to make a gender-neutral option available for your staff members and clients.
ADDRESSThe client’s home or work address. This entry can be used for billing and promotional purposes. If you create a direct mail campaign, postcards will be sent to this address.

To verify a client’s address, fill in the ADDRESS, CITY and POSTAL/ZIP CODE fields, then click Verify Full Address. An address verification will only be successful if the system is capable of delivering mail to that location.

CITYThe city of the client’s home or work address.
POSTAL/ZIP CODEThe postal or zip code of the client’s home or work address.
TIME ZONEThe client’s time zone.

NoteIf a client’s time zone is different from a location’s time zone, notifications relating to services, such as classes, events, and appointments , are sent based on the location’s time zone.
HOME LOCATIONThis represents the business location that the client frequents. If your business has multiple locations, the list can be used to change the location. This will make the chosen location the default selected location option for this client when booking classes, making purchases, and so on. For more information, see Setting a client’s home location.
REFERRED BYIf a client was referred to your business by somebody, you can search their referrer by name, email address, phone number, or client ID and add them as a referrer. You can modify the referrer as needed.

When a new client is added using the Elevate Staff App, the referrer of that client can only be searched by their email or client ID.

LEAD CREATED BYIf the client was manually added as a lead, the name of the staff member who added the client is listed here. Use the list to select a different staff member.
Custom Client FieldsAny custom fields that you have created can also be modified here to represent the correct information. For more about these fields, see Custom client fields.
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