Modifying a Purchase Option

You can modify an existing Purchase Option to change specific details, such as the description, price, and auto-renew rules.

See the list below for details on what happens when you modify a Purchase Option:

  • Purchase Options sold in the future will be affected by all changes.
  • Previously sold Purchase Options that haven’t been individually customized will be affected by all changes except for changes to the price.
    • Changes to the price of a Purchase Option won’t apply to previously sold Purchase Options. For example, if you increase the price of a Purchase Option from $50 to $60, any previously sold Purchase Options will still reflect the old price, which is $50.
    • Changes to the set number of visits for a previously sold session pass will take effect the next time the session pass auto-renews.
  • Previously sold Purchase Options that were individually customized for a client will only be affected by changes to the Purchase Option’s name.

On the Purchase Options page, you can easily see whether the Purchase Option you plan to modify has previously been sold:

  • Any Purchase Option that hasn’t been sold will have a New tag when the page is set to list view.
  • Any Purchase Option that has been sold will have a Shopping Cart icon  when the page is set to tile view.

NoteTo ensure that your accounting is always correct, the expiration rules for session passes can never be edited after a client has purchased the pass. If you want to change the expiration rules, you must create a new session pass.

CautionIf you are modifying an existing Purchase Option, any changes you make will affect clients who currently own that Purchase Option unless a staff member has customized a client’s individual purchase option. You should not make drastic changes to a Purchase Option without notifying all the clients who own it.

For example, if clients own a membership with an attendance restriction of 4 visits per week, and you modify that membership to only allow 3 visits per week, the clients who own that membership will now only be allowed to use that membership to book 3 visits during a week.

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