Obtaining information for your Presence website

There are several web pages and features on your Presence website that display information that is pulled directly from your WellnessLiving account. If you make changes to the information in these areas of your WellnessLiving account, it will be automatically updated on your Presence website.

To learn more about Presence custom website design and implementation process, see Presence onboarding timeline.

NoteIn some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for your Presence website to reflect the changes made to your WellnessLiving account.

See the table below for a list of all areas in WellnessLiving that will populate data in your Presence website.

Area in WellnessLivingInformationLocation in Presence custom website
Location settingsLocation addressWebsite Footer and Contact page
Location emailContact page
Location phone numberContact page
Business hoursContact page*
Location logoWebsite Header
ServicesService imagesService-specific page and Home page*
Service descriptionsService-specific page
Book now tabsService-specific page
Staff membersStaff imagesStaff page, Schedule page, and booking flow
Staff namesStaff page, Schedule page, and booking flow
Job titlesStaff page
Public biographiesStaff page
Store configurationsPurchase Option imagesStore page and Home page*
Purchase Option descriptionsStore page
Online store categoriesStore page
WidgetsLead Capture WidgetHome page and Contact page*

*This location is not applicable to all Presence website designs. For more information, please contact WellnessLiving.

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Presence - Obtaining information for your Presence website