Offering any item for free from the shopping cart

If you ever need to offer an item to a client for free, you can offer a one-time 100% discount on that item from the shopping cart. For example, you may want to encourage a client’s loyalty with a free bonus product. Items you can discount using this method include products, packages, specific Purchase Options, Events, or gift cards.

NoteIf you manually change the dollar amount of an individual item in the shopping cart, the Discount amount in the shopping cart will not reflect the change that you have made. To apply a discount that will be accounted for on the receipt and in your records, be sure to follow the instructions in this article.

To learn how to set specific items up with a permanently free price, see:

In this article:

To make all items in the shopping cart free:

  1. Complete steps 1 to 6 in Making a sale.
  2. In the shopping cart, click the % DISCOUNT button .
  3. Under % DISCOUNT, enter a value of 100.
  4. Click the Confirm button .
  5. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  6. Click Complete.

To make an individual item in the shopping cart free:

  1. Complete steps 1 to 5 in Making a sale.
  2. Next to the item you want to discount, click the Options buttonnext to the item you want to discount and select Edit Details.
  3. In the new field, select a percentage discount type and enter 100, or select a dollar amount discount type and enter the total price of the item.
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  5. If the client is purchasing other items, select each payment method the client wants to use (e.g., Virtual Terminal, Card Swiper, Cash). In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required. If you select Gift Cards, then you must enter the required code, and then the amount on the gift card will be entered automatically.
  6. Click Complete.
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