Onboarding timeline

Thank you for choosing WellnessLiving! This article outlines the Onboarding process you will go through while you transition to our software.

If you are transitioning to WellnessLiving from another software provider, please do not cancel your existing subscription independently. You and your Onboarding Specialist will work together to determine the best time to cancel your existing subscription.

On average it can take 3-6 weeks for customers to complete the Onboarding process with WellnessLiving. We thank you for taking the time to work with us.

NoteYour previous software and merchant services providers may charge you fees to release certain information and/or datasets to you. Please perform your due diligence when obtaining information from these entities.

1. Your WellnessLiving account is set up

It will take us six to twelve hours to create your account. You will receive a Welcome Email from our Onboarding team with your WellnessLiving login credentials once your account is ready. You will not be billed for the setup fees and your subscription until your login credentials have been emailed to you.

Once you have received the Welcome Email login to your WellnessLiving account and start exploring. There are lots of articles available in our Knowledge Base to help get you more familiar with the software.

You can expect to receive an email from us within two to three days from your signup date. If you do not receive it within three days, check your junk or spam folders. If you cannot find the Welcome Email, contact your Account Manager and we will send it to you again.

2. Do you need merchant processing?

If you have not sent in your current merchant processing statement for a side-by-side comparison, please do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, your kick-off call, training session, and go-live dates cannot be scheduled.

If you need to get set up for ACH (direct bank billing), let your Account Manager or Merchant Processing Specialist know as soon as possible. If your merchant processing account is already set up, your training session will be booked during your kick-off call. If you do not need merchant processing, we will schedule you for your kick-off call.

Once your merchant processing account is set up, your Account Manager will contact you to coordinate a kick-off call with an Onboarding Specialist. A training session is booked during your kick-off call with the Onboarding Specialist.

3. Did you sign up for the White Label Achieve Client App?

The Achieve Client App is the app that your clients will download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to book services, check their schedule, and make purchases with your business directly from their mobile devices. Upgrading to the White Label version of the app will provide you with additional features and custom branding options.

To have your White Label app available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, you must review your branding and customization options with our App Team. Additionally, you must get a DUNS number for your business and provide us with that number before your app can be included in the Apple App Store. For more information about the requirements, you must meet to get your app in the Apple App Store, see Enrolling into the Apple Developer Program as an organization. Our App Team is with you every step of the way, so be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with your White Label app. You can email us at achieve@wellnessliving.com.

4. Welcome aboard WellnessLiving

Our goal for the kick-off call is to learn everything we can about your business model. Make sure to inform your Onboarding Specialist about anything you think they should know about your business. This can include any software used by your business and any challenges your business has faced with it, the daily work environment for you and your staff, your most frequently used tools and functions, and your client/staff booking experience.

Your Onboarding Specialist will also discuss the data migration process during the kick-off call, make sure you tell them about your pricing options, classes, enrollments, appointments, and any other things you think are unique or important to know so the migration is seamless.

By the end of the call, we will have scheduled the training session, identified important areas of the software to get started on, and established some key tasks and timelines for the ultimate goal of going live.

5. Kick-off call

The kick-off call is usually about 30 minutes long and will be a web-based session. Talking points include: your data migration requirements when to schedule your training session (you can book two one-hour training sessions), and setting your target go-live date. If you need your clients’ payment data imported, inform your Onboarding Specialist and they will provide you with the available options.

You will receive an email when your first import is complete. It’s extremely important that you log in to your WellnessLiving account to view your data. If you find any discrepancies, be sure to inform your Onboarding Specialist during the training session.

6. Training session

During the training session, your Onboarding Specialist will provide you with your first guided introduction to our software. Our goal during this session is to show you how to configure the software setup to best suit the everyday needs and demands of your business.

Your Onboarding Specialist will review the main components of the software with you, going over scenarios that your business faces on a day-to-day basis, and show you how to use WellnessLiving to address these real-world scenarios.

The one-hour training session will be recorded and sent to you to share with your staff. Towards the end of the training session, your Onboarding Specialist will schedule a go-live date with you. If you are coming from MindBody, your final import will be scheduled the night before you go-live.

7. Go-live date

Say goodbye to your old software and say a big hello to WellnessLiving. Starting today, you must only use WellnessLiving. You are now live! Congratulations!

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our Knowledge Base to find the answers that you need.

Of course, if you need anything, call us at 1(855) 601-2900 ext. 1 or email us at support@wellnessliving.com. Businesses in the UK can call us at 44 (808) 196-7200.

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