Setting up your online waiver

The online waiver is a liability release that all clients must agree to either upon registration or when booking your services for the first time. By default, the liability release is disabled and empty.

Please be aware that WellnessLiving makes no claims as to the effectiveness or enforcement of your liability release. Consult a legal expert in your region for more information about the proper use of this feature and the rights of your business and your clients.

Your clients (or the guardians of any clients who are minors) can sign the liability waiver by writing their name in the signature box using a mouse or signature pad connected to your computer. To view our recommended signature pad, see Purchasing Hardware from WellnessLiving.

To learn how your clients can sign your online waiver, see Signing an online waiver.

Note If you update your online waiver, all clients that previously accepted your online waiver will be prompted to accept the updated version.

To enable and update the online waiver:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. On the Setup menu, click Business.
    4. On the Business menu, click Online Waiver.
    5. Configure the online waiver:
      • To Require clients to agree to the Liability Release upon registration, set this option to ON.
      • To Require clients to agree to the Liability Release only when booking services, set this option to ON.
        • This option will not be available if you set the Require clients to agree to the Liability Release upon registration option to ON.
    6. To allow the online waiver to be signed by clients on behalf of minors they are related to, set the Clients can sign the waiver on behalf of any minor X years old or younger linked to their account as a relationship option to ON and select the maximum age for a minor.
    7. In the text box, type the liability release text. You can format the text using the text editor’s functions or by using manual HTML formatting. To switch to the HTML editor, click the Source code button source code.
      • Waivers can use the following text variables to populate specific information in each waiver:
        • [BusinessName] – Displays the business name, as input under Setup > Business > General Information.
        • [FullName] – Displays the first and last name of the client agreeing to the waiver.
        • [MinorsName] – Displays the first and last name of each minor for whom the waiver is being signed.
      • Due to the amount of variation across different waivers, a template is not provided. However, we recommend that you include the following topics: the waiver’s terms, a cancellation policy, a purchase policy, your business terms and conditions, a return and/or refund policy, and a privacy policy.
    8. Click SAVE.
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