Open Access Gym Visits

Gym visits is a service type that is only available if your business type is set to Gym or Gym & Health Club. You may wish for your memberships or passes to also provide open access to the gym without creating a package. Additionally, you may also wish for the attendance restriction on your memberships and passes to apply to gym access.

It is possible to set open access to the gym from the membership or session pass details page.

To learn more about business types, see Changing the Business Type.

To Apply Open Access Gym Visits to Memberships or Session Passes:

    1. Edit or create a pass, or membership
    2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings options.
    3. Find the Access to Gym subheading and click on Open Access.
Access to Gym Tab
Access to Gym Tab
  1. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.
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