Opening a web app

The following web apps are accessible from the App Drawer:

NoteOpening the Self Check-In Web App or the Attendance Web App will log you out of WellnessLiving.

CautionIf you are opening the Self Registration Web App for prospective clients on a device at your business’s location, make sure you log out of your business account. Otherwise, prospective clients could unknowingly alter existing client data. Additionally, clients will not be required to enter information in mandatory client fields.

To open a web app:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. At the bottom of the App Drawer, hover over Web Apps and select the web app you want to open. You can also hover over Client Portal or Registration, click the Action button action, and select Open in New Tab.
    • If you select Client Portal, you will be directed to the Client Web App.
    • If you select Registration, you will be directed to the Self Registration Web App.
    • If you select Check-In, you will be directed to the Self Check-In Web App.
    • If you select Attendance, you will be directed to the Attendance Web App.
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User interface - Opening a web app