Optimizing your WellnessLiving Explorer listing

When you are a part of the WellnessLiving Explorer, your business and services are automatically marketed to the entire WellnessLiving client userbase. When you have a properly optimized listing, potential clients in your area will be able to discover your services even more quickly and easily. Review the steps below to increase your visibility and improve your reputation using the WellnessLiving Explorer.

To optimize your listing:

  1. Review your business settings and general information to ensure that all your information is accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Review your Classes, Appointments, and Events:
    • Check descriptions for keyword optimization to improve your search result visibility.
    • Check individual session and online payment options to ensure that your services are visible to all users and available for purchase.
    • Review online booking settings for your services.
  3. Review your locations to ensure that all relevant information is properly described.
  4. Review your online waiver.
  5. Check the client reviews that will appear on your WellnessLiving Explorer page.
    • Reply to reviews to improve your reputation.
    • Check your Google review integration to see these reviews in Google search results.
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