Package general information settings

This article describes all general information settings available when you are creating or modifying a package.

To learn about the advanced settings available when creating or modifying an package, see Package advanced settings.

Caution If you include the words Virtual, Video and/or On Demand in the PACKAGE NAME or DESCRIPTION, the Purchase Option will not be displayed in the store or while a client is booking a service on the Achieve Client App or the Achieve White Label Client App on any iOS devices.

PACKAGE NAMEThe name of the package. This is viewable by clients and is a required field.
UPLOAD IMAGEClick to upload an image to represent the package in the store. For more information, Managing service and Purchase Option images.
PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONThe description of the package. This is viewable by your clients, so it should be both descriptive and creative, but brief. This is not a required field, but it is highly recommended.
ACTIVATE ITEMClick this button to activate or deactivate the package, or to set a deactivation date for the package.

  • Set the ACTIVATE ITEM option to ON to activate the package and allow clients to purchase it.
  • Set the ACTIVATE ITEM option to OFF to deactivate the package and prevent clients from purchasing this package.
    • When this option is set to OFF, the following options are available:
      • DEACTIVATE ON – Click the date field and select a date from the calendar to select the date on which the package will deactivate.
      • USABLE BY CLIENTS WHO ALREADY PURCHASED – Set this option to NO and click OK to prevent clients who have already purchased this package from booking services with this package.
    • If the date selected under Choose expiry date has passed, the ACTIVATE ITEM option is automatically set to OFF. The ACTIVATE ITEM option can only be set to ON again if you select a later date under Choose expiry date in the advanced settings for the package.

NoteIf you deactivate a package and make it unusable for clients who have already purchased it, any memberships within the package are canceled for those clients. Clients’ canceled memberships cannot be reactivated and must be purchased again.
SELECT WHICH ITEMS TO INCLUDE IN THIS PACKAGEThe services that can be booked with the purchase options. The options are:

  • AppointmentsAppointments are generally one-on-one services, such as personal training sessions, but can include multiple clients.
  • ClassesClasses are a series of sessions offered by your business. Unlike events, clients are not expected to attend every session in the series.
  • Gym visitsGym Visits are a type of service that allows access to a gym or studio.
  • EventsEvents are a self-contained series of sessions offered by your business.
  • Assets BOOK-A-SPOT™ assets are physical objects or spaces offered by your business.
  • Account tab Account tabs add a monetary value to a client’s account balance based on a predetermined amount and can be configured to be a one-time purchase or to auto-renew after a specified duration.

After adding the items to your package, you can also modify the package.

  • To add a discount, click Add discount under the item name and enter a dollar value or percentage discount.
  • To modify the quantity, click Add quantity under the item name.
  • To create a new item or purchase option to add to the package, click ADD under the selected purchase option service category.
  • The total price of the package, including any discounts, is listed next to TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE. Details about the individual price of each item are listed below.
After ExpirationThis setting determines what happens after the package expires. Your choices are:

  • Do nothing – All items in the package will expire.
  • Auto-Renew – All items in the package will be added to the package again after it expires.
  • Enable Client Control – Clients can opt out of the package auto-renewal.
  • Disable Client Control – Clients cannot opt out of the package auto-renewal.

NoteTo avoid double-billing clients for a session pass or membership that is part of an auto-renewing package, the session pass’s expiry date and the membership’s duration must be set to coincide with the package’s expiration. For more information, see Session pass general information settings or  Membership general information settings.
Online Store CategoryThe category or categories that this package is listed under in the store.
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