A package is a type of Purchase Option in WellnessLiving.

While other Purchase Options can be used to make purchases, a package is a combination of any of the following: session passes, memberships, events, gift cards, and products. Packages, as well as the session passes and memberships within a package, can be set to auto-renew. For more information, see Package general information settings.

Packages can be purchased in your online store or at your point of sale. A package’s price is based on the price of the items grouped within it. You can set a dollar or percentage discount on each item in the package as needed.

When items are purchased as part of a package, the settings for that package will always take precedence over the settings for the individual items within the package. For example, if a membership has the purchase restriction Only staff member can sell this Purchase Option selected and a package containing the membership has the purchase restriction Client can buy online, clients will be able to purchase the package containing the membership online.

For packages, keep the following information in mind:

  • If you add a package as an available Purchase Option for an event, it will add the cost of the event to the package and increase the price of the package accordingly.
  • If a package is set to expire on a specific date and the Purchase Options within the package have been set to auto-renew, the Purchase Options included in the package will expire on the same date as the package. For more information, see Package expiration dates.
  • To avoid double billing clients for memberships or session passes that are included in an auto-renewing package, we recommend selecting the Auto-renew and cancel current package contents option under After Expiration when creating your package. For more information, see Package general information settings.
    • If you only want a specific Purchase Option within a package to automatically renew, set the membership or session pass to automatically renew after a specified duration. Then remove automatic renewal from the package by selecting the Do nothing option under After Expiration and the Does not expire option under Select Expiration. For more information, see Package advanced settings.
  • Session passes and memberships within a package will automatically inherit the same start date as the package. However, you can configure session passes and memberships settings so that their start date is different from the package’s start date. For more information, see Session pass general information settings and Membership general settings.
  • When making a sale or making a purchase on the Client Web App, auto-renew can only be enabled or disabled from the product details page for the package. This setting can’t be changed in the cart. To change this setting before the purchase is complete, you must remove the item from the cart and go to the package’s product details page to change the setting before adding it back into the cart again.
  • Packages can’t be placed on hold because some types of items that can be included in packages can’t be placed on hold. However, individual Purchase Options included in a package, such as session passes and memberships, can be placed on hold. For more information, see Placing or modifying a hold on a session pass and Placing a membership on hold.

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