A package is a type of purchase option in WellnessLiving.

While other purchase options can be used to make purchases, a package is a combination of any of the following: session passes, memberships, events, gift cards, and products. Packages, as well as the session passes and memberships within a package, can be set to auto-renew. For more information, see Package general information settings.

Packages can be purchased in your online store or at your point of sale. A package’s price is based on the price of the items grouped within it. You can set a dollar or percentage discount on each item in the package as needed.

When items are purchased as part of a package, the settings for that package will always take precedence over the settings for the individual items within the package. For example, if a membership has the purchase restriction Only staff member can sell this purchase option selected and a package containing the membership has the purchase restriction Client can buy online, clients will be able to purchase the package containing the membership online.

NoteIf a package is set to expire on a specific date and the purchase options within the package have been set to auto-renew, the purchase options included in the package will expire on the same date as the package. For more information, see Package expiration dates.

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