Viewing your payment history

You can view the history of your business’s payments to WellnessLiving from the Payment History page. From here, you can customize and filter the page for the information you need.

To learn how to email a receipt from your payment history, see Email receipts.

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    To view your payment history:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. On the Setup menu, click Business.
    4. On the Business menu, click Payment History. Your payment history is displayed.

    Headings in payment history

    IDThe transaction ID for the processed transaction.
    DateThe date and time the transaction was processed.
    ClientThe name and email of the client who made the transaction. Details such as pass status, waiver status, contract status, special notes, unpaid visits, and account balance are denoted by small icons.
    PurchaseThe name of the item purchased.
    Payment TypeThe type of payment method used to process the transaction, along with the last four digits of the card used.
    Credit Card TypeThe type of credit card used for the transaction, such as Mastercard or Visa.
    StatusThe current status of the transaction.

    The list of transaction status includes:

    • Authorization error – The credit card authorization was unsuccessful.
    • Authorized successfully – The credit card authorization was successfully processed.
    • Error during refund – The refund was unsuccessful.
    • Failed – The transaction was unsuccessful.
    • Processing – The transaction is being processed by the gateway.
    • Refunded – The transaction was fully refunded.
    • Refunded partially – The transaction was partially refunded.
    • Successful – The transaction was successfully processed.
    • Voided – The transaction was successfully canceled before the batch closed. For more information, see Transaction batches and refunds.
    • Waiting for settlement – The ACH transaction is being processed and will take up to ten business days to settle.
    SubtotalThe value of the transaction.
    TaxesOne or more tax columns will be generated based on the taxes that you have set up for your business. Each column will list the amount of tax charged for the sale.
    TotalThe sum of the subtotal and applicable taxes.
    UserThe name of the staff member who processes the payment. Actions that weren’t performed directly by a staff member, such as automated billing, are listed as automatic payments. Hover over the name to view the IP address of the user.
    ActionAn expandable menu that allows you to view the transaction details or invoice.

    Advanced filters in your payment history

    Payment MethodUse this filter to determine which transactions to include in the report based on the payment methods used.
    Transaction StatusUse this filter to determine which transactions to include in the report based on the current status of the transaction.
    LocationsUse this filter to determine which business location(s) to include in the report.
    Credit card typeUse this filter to determine which transactions should be displayed based on the credit card type used to make the payment.
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