Viewing your payment history

You can view the history of your business’s payments to WellnessLiving from the Payment History page. From here, you can customize and filter the page for the information you need.

To learn how to email a receipt from your payment history, see Email receipts.

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    To view your payment history:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. On the Setup menu, click Business.
    4. On the Business menu, click Payment History. Your payment history is displayed.

    Headings in payment history

    Heading Description
    ID The ID number of the transaction.
    Date The date and time the transaction took place.
    Client The name of the business.
    Purchase The type of service bought from WellnessLiving.
    Payment Type The payment method used to complete the transaction (e.g., cash, credit card, check).
    Credit Card Type The type of credit card used. This column will only be filled if the Payment Type is a credit card.
    Status The current status of the transaction. The status can be Error during refund, Refunded, Voided, Authorization error, Failed, Refunded partially, Waiting for settlement, Authorized Successfully, Processing now, or Success.
    Amount The monetary value of the transaction.
    User The staff member whose account was used to perform the action. If the action was not performed directly by a staff member (e.g., automated billing), this will be listed as Automatic Payment.
    Actions A menu can be expanded for each transaction by clicking the arrow in this column. From this menu, you can select Transaction details or View invoice. For more information about your invoice, see Viewing your invoice for a payment made to WellnessLiving.

    Advanced filters in your payment history

    Filter Description
    Payment Method Use this filter to determine which transactions to include in the report based on the payment methods used.
    Transaction Status Use this filter to determine which transactions to include in the report based on the current status of the transaction.
    Locations Use this filter to determine which business location(s) to include in the report.
    Credit card type Use this filter to determine which transactions should be displayed based on the credit card type used to make the payment.
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