Payment plans

A payment plan is an alternate method of payment that clients can select when purchasing an Event through the Client Web App. Additionally, staff members can create and apply payment plans to any item that does not require a deposit or automated billing, such as automatically renewable memberships, when making a sale through the store.

A payment plan allows the client to pay for their purchase in installments over time. For example, instead of paying $250 up-front for an Event, a client can choose a payment plan of ten $25 payments, paid every 15 days.

Once a payment plan has been created, it can be enabled for any Event. For a client to select a payment plan for an Event when making a purchase through the Client Web App, the payment plan must be enabled for the specific Event.

NoteIf an Event with an available payment plan is sold as part of a package, the payment plan will not be available when a client purchases the package. Instead, you will have to apply a payment plan to the package at checkout.

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