Understanding a client’s payment schedule

The membership payment schedule allows you to view a client’s previous and future payments with respect to a particular membership. This schedule contains various icons that represent the status of each payment.

To learn how to view the payment schedule, see Viewing or adjusting a client’s membership payment schedule.

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Headings on the payment schedule page

Heading Description
Payment Date The upcoming payment dates for the membership. Staff members can click View Past Payments to show any previous payment dates. The payment date can be manually edited by staff members by clicking the date.
Price The price of the membership on a particular payment date. Staff members can manually edit the price of the membership by clicking the price.
Scheduled Payment The amount the client will be charged in the future for a membership with a fixed auto-payment schedule. For more information, see Membership general information settings.

You can reset a client’s payment schedule to include changes made to the membership. For more information, see Viewing or adjusting a client’s membership payment schedule.

NoteIf the payment for a particular period is skipped, the amount in the Scheduled Payment column for the skipped period is added into the Scheduled Payment column of the next payment date.
Amount Paid The amount the client paid for the membership.
Payment Method The payment method (CashCheckGift CardsPIN PadVirtual Terminal, or Account) used by the client to purchase or renew the membership.
Amount Owed Any amount owed by the client in respect of the membership. This amount is calculated as the difference between the sum of membership price and the amount paid for all past periods.
Edited If a staff member makes any changes to a client’s membership plan, the staff member’s name appears in the Edited section. If a membership plan has been manually edited, a note  also appears next to the date in the Payment Date section.

NoteA payment schedule can be edited without editing the membership itself.
Action When you click the Action button , you have two options:

  • Click View More Info to view the payment period for the membership. 
  • Click Skip to manually skip the payment for a particular period. This option only appears for memberships that have a fixed auto-payment schedule enabled.

note]If the payment for a particular period is skipped, the amount in the Scheduled Payment column for the skipped period is added into the Scheduled Payment column of the next payment date.

Icons on the payment schedule

Icon Description
Amount Charged This icon indicates that an automatic payment has been charged for a membership with a fixed auto-payment schedule. Any future recurring payments will appear with a Future Scheduled Payment icon.
Amount Paid This icon represents a manual, one-time payment made by the client. A one-time payment can be made to pay for future payment periods in advance, allowing the client to book upcoming sessions using this membership.
On-Hold This icon indicates a hold period on the membership that has been placed by a staff member. For more information, see Placing a membership on hold.
Price This icon denotes that the payment period for the membership has changed due to a change made in the individual membership by a staff member, such as changing the membership start date. For more information, see Customizing an individual Purchase Option and Membership general information settings.
Active This icon indicates that the client has not yet been charged in respect of the membership. The system will charge the client during the next batch of auto-payments. After the client has been charged, this icon changes to the Amount Paid icon
Failed Payment   This icon indicates that the client tried to pay for the membership, but the transaction was declined. For more information, see Processor error codes and their definitions.
Future Scheduled Payment This icon indicates any payments that will be charged in the future. This option applies to memberships with a fixed auto-payment schedule.
Skip Scheduled Payment This icon appears if a future scheduled payment has been skipped. The scheduled payment for the skipped period is added to the scheduled payment for the next period.
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